Genesis 30

1 By this time Rachel was very jealous and humiliated. She ends up blaming Jacob for something he has no control over.
3 As with Abraham and Sarah before, Rachel offers her maid to act as a surrogate. By acting as the midwife, the wife would "claim" (or adopt) the child as her own. However, in every case mentioned in the Bible, this backfires. This is not God's pattern for family organizations. Rachel should have waited for God to act. This is not to discredit modern adoption. In this particular situation, Rachel was using her maid and husband in an ungodly manner. In the end, there would be more strife than had already existed.
4 I don't know why Jacob bought into this.
6 Rachel was happy now, but it would come back to haunt her later.
9 Now jealousy mixes with a bad idea.
13 So now Leah gloats.
14 Mandrakes were considered an aphrodisiac. This is kind of an ironical situation. Rachel gets the mandrakes, but Leah gets the husband.
17 Despite the human shenanigans, God has mercy on Leah.
22 Finally, after years of humiliation and rivalry, God gives Rachel a child.
25 Jacob had earned his wives, and was ready to head back home.
27 Jacob was a very good worker, and God blessed his efforts. Laban had never seen a worker like him, and wanted to keep Jacob around.
28 Again, Laban tells Jacob to name his wages. As we will see, Laban will change the rules for his own benefit.
30 Jacob had made Laban rich while he was working for his wives.
32 Sheep that were a mixture of white and black were of little value. Those that were pure were more valuable.
33 Jacob was making a deal that would make it very clear if he cheated.
35 Jacob separated the speckled sheep and kept them in a separate flock. Over the next several years he would continue to add to this flock.
37 Jacob was probably following some kind of superstition or folklore here (God did not tell Jacob to do this). These sticks didn't actually do anything. Since Laban obviously had white and black sheep, interbreeding would lead to speckled lambs. These were separated out. Presumably, speckled sheep are more likely to give speckled lambs.
41 This seems to give some credence to the use of poles as an "aphrodisiac" for sheep.