Genesis 23

4 Although God promised him this land, Abraham did not have control over any of it.This indicates that burial was common and considered proper.
6 Abraham was highly respected and recognized leader.
7 Abraham shows respect for others as well.
9 Abraham already had a burial site picked out, and he wanted to ask the owner if he would sell it.
11 Ephron wanted to give the land to Abraham. Now this procedure of offering the land and Abraham insisting on buying it may also be some kind of Eastern bartering technique that I am not familiar with.
13 Abraham insisted on buying it.
15 The land was worth much money.
16 Whether it was intentional or not, Ephron named the price and Abraham paid it.
19 These insertion could mean either 1) a later editor (Moses?) inserted the contemporary name or 2) the original writer knew both the original and contemporary name.
20 This is the only land that Abraham would own. However, this did not nullify God's promise. Abraham's descendents were considered an extension of himself, and thus the promise would be fulfilled when the nation of Israel took the land.