Genesis 12

1 God did not want Abraham to either stay in Haran or return to his homeland. Instead, he was to continue on to Canaan.
2 God promised to make Abraham not only the father of a great nation, but a blessing to others as well. It was approximately 2950 years after the flood, and most of the nations had already formed. People still dreamed of being great, and to have one's family become a great nation was a way to be considered great. To Abraham, this seemed beyond hope, since his wife could not have children.
3 Abraham was to be the ambassador for God. To insult Abraham was to curse God. To please Abraham would please God.
4 Abraham obeyed God and took his nephew with him. Lot's father had died, and Abraham had no children. Thus, Abraham was a father figure for Lot, and Lot was like a son to Abraham.
5 Abraham was already a wealthy man. It would have been easy for him to stay where he was, live in a house, and enjoy the luxuries he had. However, he loved God more than his wealth and was willing to live in a tent in a foreign land because God told him to. He did not have to give up his wealth, but he would not become sedentary because of it.
7 Abraham obeyed, and God rewarded him. This is the first reference to the promise that Abraham's descendents would inherit the land. Abraham obeyed out of reverence for God, not because he expected to be rewarded in this lifetime.
8 Wherever Abraham moved, he built a place of worship.
10 God did not tell Abraham to go to Egypt. What follows is deception and embarrassment. Circumstances may not always tell us what to do. Even if circumstances seem to push us in a particular direction, we should not compromise what we believe or what God has plainly told us to do.

Egyptian records indicate Lot found his wife in Egypt (Who's Who).

11 Sarah, even though in her late sixties, was a very beautiful woman.
13 Sarah was his half-sister.
15 She was taken into Pharaoh's harem, but God protected her from Pharaoh's bed.
16 It appears that Pharaoh was paying a dowry.
17 It is often said that ignorance of the law is not excuse. While Abraham had done a wrong thing by being deceptive, Pharaoh was constantly living in sin -- his harem was only one symptom.
18 Somehow Pharaoh found out the ruse. Pharaoh realized he had been lied to and used. He was no doubt angry, but he wanted to be diplomatic.