Galatians 4

1 The heir (usually the oldest son) would receive the largest part of his father's estate when he died. When the son grew up, he would be treated with equal respect as his father, even when the father was still alive. Eventually, the son would take over the affairs of his father's household and business. Therefore, as an adult, he is equal with the master of the house. However, we would not expect a child to run a household as effectively as a trained adult would. The child must be trained how to make good decisions, communicate effectively, and behave in a manner worthy of his position.
2 In fact, the child is placed in the care of those he will one-day be master over. The father will give the heir more authority and responsibilities as he becomes ready to handle them.
3 In the "infancy" of God's revelation to the world, He set down physical guidelines to help people know how He expected them to behave.
4 The Law was a training tool until the time was right to send Jesus to restore a proper relationship with Him.
5 Jesus bought all those who would believe under the terms of the Law, so that the transaction would be legal under the rules that God gave. Once purchased from the Law, He adopted us as sons and daughters to establish a personal, loving relationship with each one of us.
6 When a person believes, he cries out to God with his heart, and He sends the Holy Spirit to him. The Spirit comforts and trains the believer.
7 The Christian is no longer a slave to the Law. We are freed in Jesus to have a personal relationship with God. Our behavior is dictated by our desire to please and love God, not by mere rules. We desire to behave in a manner appropriate for those who are to inherit the Kingdom of God.