Exodus 31

2 Each of us is given different talents and opportunities. It is likely that Bezalel had learned his trade in Egypt. He may have received his training in a pagan environment, but in fact it was God that gave him the capacity and predisposition for these things. Many people have skills that may be deemed "secular," but we must look for the opportunities that God gives us to use these skills either directly or indirectly to serve God. Skills we may have developed before we became Christians may be transformed into skills that serve and glorify God.
6 God appointed an entire team of artisans to work on the Tabernacle. The co-leaders undoubtedly had complimentary skills in design, engineering, and administration that would guarantee that the work was done efficiently and correctly.

In these passages we see that God gives them the overall design of the Tabernacle, but he leaves it up to the ingenuity of His people to accomplish the goal. In much the same way, God gives us the general idea of the kind of people He wants us to be, but leaves it up to us to run our lives in such a way as to reach those goals.