Exodus 6

1 God will keep His promises even if we doubt.
6 This is how God says, "It's payback time." God's first major judgement on the world was the Flood. God's second major judgement was the plagues on the Egyptians and the conquering of Canaan. The third and final judgement will be at the end of the world when Jesus returns.
7 God is adopting Israel as His special people. In return, they are to honor Him as the one and only God that He is. Does this mean that God does not accept other people? No, but it means that Israel was specifically entrusted with His Law and they were to produce the Savior, Jesus.
8 God reiterates the promise. Sometimes God needs to repeat these things because human perception is limited to the present. Present circumstances can make us lose hope in future promises and goals.
9 Pharaoh had accomplished his goal. The Israelites were disheartened by the previous failure with Pharaoh. When we try something and we get hurt we usually do not want to repeat the experience. Sometimes if we keep trying we eventually succeed. However, in this case it is also a matter of faith in God. God keeps His promises, but sometimes it is difficult to see how these promises are being fulfilled.
12 If his own family wouldn't believe him, why would a hostile stranger? Moses again looks at his own weaknesses instead of the power of God.

God's plan was to free the Israelites from slavery whether they wanted to be or not. God also wanted Moses to be their leader whether he wanted to or not. In retrospect we can see what they could not: that God's plans are best.