Deuteronomy 7

7 God chose Abraham to be the father of His people. Abraham was just one man when there were already nations around him. From this man came many nations, one of which was Israel, who was only one man as well.
8 God loves all people, but He particularly cares about Israel. Their forefathers were pleasing to Him, and He vowed to make Israel a great nation.
9 When we have seen God's love and faithfulness in action, we should learn to trust Him in everything. We stay in His good graces by love and obedience. There are many benefits to following God during this lifetime. The peace, love, and joy He provides overshadow the hardships. We have even more hope for the future when He will remove all hardships and we have a perfect relationship with Him.
10 Those who do not love God will have to stand before God and give an account. He will then pronounce judgement on them while they stand in His presence. It will be dreadful for them, after they have seen God as He is, to be separated from Him and His goodness forever.
11 There are positive outcomes for obedience to God, while disobedience results in dire consequences. Therefore, we have every reason to do what God commands us.