Colossians 2

1 Paul prayed that all Christians would be encouraged, have loving fellowship, and have a close relationship with Jesus.
3 God knows all things, and to know God is the beginning of true wisdom for people (Prov 1:7). Through our relationship with God, Christians can know the mystery of salvation. God can also give us pieces of His knowledge for making right choices or prophecy.
5 Christians can benefit from a strong, human spiritual leader, but it should not be necessary to have one constantly present, since we have the Holy Spirit inside and the commands of Jesus to guide us.
8 Being human, Christians can sometimes be tricked by the philosophy of the world. However, we must be keenly aware that the world works as if God does not matter or exist. Typically, the giveaway is that the world will try to convince us to believe or do something that is contrary to Scripture. Sometimes worldly arguments will use Scripture as evidence, but their inaccurate interpretation of it leads to wrong conclusions.
9 The Christian can rely on Jesus, who knows all things perfectly, and can not be tricked.
11 To the Hebrews, circumcision was the outward symbol that they had "put off the flesh," and depended on God. However, it became quickly apparent that the outward symbol did not necessarily reflect what was in the heart. Christians put off the flesh (i.e., the ungodly way of thinking and living) in our minds, making the manifestation of this physical symbol irrelevant.
12 In this sense, Christians have "died" to the world. We no longer think like the world thinks or hold to the same principles. Ideally, we should not be swayed by the things of the world, either physical or emotional. Instead, we are to look to Jesus to provide us with the knowledge and strength we need to live according to God's will. Our hope is not in security in this world, but in the security that God provides for us, both here and more importantly, in the eternal life to come.
13 Gentiles had neither the Law of Moses nor the covenant of circumcision. Yet, through faith in Jesus, they have more than met the requirements for salvation.
15 The unsaved person is under the oppression of the devil and the fear of death. Jesus has disarmed the forces of darkness by demonstrating that their most feared weapon, death, was useless. Those who have died will be brought back to life. Jesus also disarms their philosophical weapons. For instance, no one has been able to disprove the resurrection. Though unbelief persists, on Judgement Day, all unbelief will be shown false.