Colossians 1

9 Usually we pray that God will solve problems. We should also pray that other believers would increase in the knowledge of God and the fruits of the Spirit.
12 We should always remember to thank God for saving us from the punishment of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus.
15 In the beginning, God made people in His image and we still carry that image, although it has been marred by sin. Jesus, however, carried God's image perfectly, and never sinned. As Jesus said on several occasions, to see Him was to see the Father, and to listen to and obey Him was to do the same for the Father (e.g., John 12:44-45).
16 Jesus was the one who carried out God's commands for creation in the beginning (John 1:1-3).
17 As a member of the Trinity, Jesus existed with the Father and the Spirit before time was created.
18 Jesus is the focus of the Church and He was the first one raised permanently from death. Jesus is to have "first place," not only in our lives, but also in the universe.
20 It pleases God when people turn from sin and are reconciled to Him.