Amos 6

1 The rich leaders of Israel will suffer a great tragedy.
2 If I read this correctly, God is comparing Israel to nearby pagan kingdoms. They have similar resources, but the problem is that they have similar spiritual weaknesses. I suspect that this is intended to be an eye-opening insult to imply that God's "chosen" people have sunk to the level of the pagan nations.
3 The wealthy were unconcerned with any judgement from God, but they are in fact the ones hastening its approach.
4 The wealthy were not known as people of action, but as people of rest. They indulged in excessive luxuries, ate fine food, listened to the best in new music, drank excessively, and were overly concerned about their appearance.
6 They were so intrigued by their rich lifestyle that they could not see the spiritual and political weakening of their kingdoms.
7 But ironically, it will be the passive rich who taste the first bitter fruits of judgement. Their enemies will take them captive and either imprison or enslave them.
8 God states that the judgement on the cities of Israel were as certain as His existence.
9 Large families were considered a blessing from God, but during the judgement they will be destroyed.
10 There will be some assigned to collect and bury the dead. There would be no funeral ceremonies where God is mentioned. This is either because of their anger towards God or because they feared that invoking His name might cause Him to notice them and bring further calamity.
11 If such destruction would be visited on the "blessed" families with wealth and large numbers, the smaller households could expect to be ruined as well.
12 If one were to run a horse on rocks or try to plow them with oxen then the animal is certain to suffer some serious injuries. When people place money and power over true justice, then all people are harmed -- spiritually and/or physically. They had replaced deeds done out of love for God with deeds that offended God, and in the process many people suffered.
13 God is always offended when people boast about their own perceived power and do not recognize His ultimate power.
14 This idiom refers to all the territory that Israel had control over.