Amos 2

1 Israel is the focus of the Old Testament, so it is natural that the majority of the crimes listed here refer to those against Israel. But God is interested in the proper relationships between all people, and lists this crime that occurred between two Gentile nations. The crime appears to refer to the disrespectful cremation of the king of Edom.
3 Moab would become a nation without leaders.
4 The previous list indites the pagan nations for various crimes. They did not have the Law of Moses, but they should have known by nature the difference between right and wrong. At this point God turns His attention to His own chosen people. God had performed many miracles for them and had given them explicit instructions about the proper way to live and worship. But the people did not want to follow God's rules. They developed their own traditions and philosophies that displeased God. God would punish them by destroying their political and spiritual capitals.
6 These remaining accusations and prophecies are against the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Israel had started worshiping idols immediately after breaking from the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Their false religion resulted in judicial corruption and lack of compassion.
7 The reference here is to temple prostitutes. Prostitution was a religious practice used to worship fertility gods.