Acts 16

25 Paul and Silas did not gripe and complain. Instead they prayed and sang. The other prisoners had probably never seen people behave this gracefully under these conditions. No wonder they listened to Paul and Silas; they were curious.
26 The verse does not tell us the extent of the earthquake, but it appears that only the prison building was shaken. Given the construction of buildings at the time, the prison should have fell down flat. Instead, all the locked prison doors flew open. It is also unlikely that chains would have been loosed from the prisoners' hands and feet by random shaking without injuring them. All these things suggest that this was a supernatural occurrence. Of course, God is angered when people mistreat His children, but there is a more important purpose to be accomplished: salvation for the jailer and his family.
27 In Roman law, if a soldier had a prisoner to escape from his care, he would be executed (an Israeli example: 1 Ki 20:39-40). The Romans apparently considered suicide better than the humiliation of being publicly executed.
28 It is amazing that the prisoners remained in their cells. Perhaps Paul and Silas managed to persuade them to remain.
29 The jailer was frightened, and somehow knew that he owed his life to Paul and Silas.
30 Undoubtedly, the jailer had also heard Paul and Silas praying and singing. Having his physical life spared, he knew that he needed the spiritual salvation spoken of by Paul and Silas.
31 Some have taken this to mean that if the jailer were saved the rest of his family would automatically be saved. This is not true since the salvation experience is an individual matter. However, in those days it was common for a family to believe and practice what the head of the household did. Thus, if the jailer became a Christian, it was very likely that his family would also become Christians.
32 The jailer took Paul and Silas into his house (undoubtedly right next door) so that they could preach to his family. Although it was the midnight, the family may have already been awakened by the earthquake.
33 The Jailer washed Paul and Silas' physical wounds, but Paul and Silas "washed" his and his family's spiritual wounds.
34 As dawn approached, the jailer fed his guests and was very happy that he had hope in the Good News of God. The jailer had been pulled from the brink of self-destruction to the promise of eternal life.