2 Corinthians 3

12 Because we know that the righteousness of God is superior to the consequences of not knowing God, we should also be confident when proclaiming the Good News.
13 In Exodus Exo 34:29-35 we read how Moses' face glowed after speaking with God. The people were distracted and frightened by this, so Moses covered his face with a veil except for when he spoke with God or read from the Law.
14 Paul draws an analogy between the physical act and the spiritual condition of the Jewish people as a whole. The Israelites could not see Moses' radiant face clearly because the veil covered it. In the same way, the Law dims the glory of God. When faith is replaced by legalism, obedience to the Law becomes more important than God is. This is a serious trap because people can follow laws without knowing God. The Bible is very clear that our works can not save us -- only God working through our relationship with Him can. Legalism can cause people to think they are righteous when the only true righteousness comes from faith in God.
16 When one becomes a believer, he finally sees the glory of God that has been hidden behind legalism.
17 The liberty of faith is superior to the bondage of legalism. Only when we practice our free choice to to love God can we please Him.

This verse contains a statement of equality between Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are distinct within the Godhead, yet they, with the Father, make one God.

18 The Christian faith should be as evident to others as Moses' glowing face was to the Israelites. Our faith allows the indwelling Spirit to transform us more into the image of Jesus. This way we become image bearers of God the way He intended us to be.