1 Corinthians 10

12 "Pride comes before the fall" is a paraphrase of Prov 16:18. Those who feel that they are self sufficient and stable on their own will often become careless and fall into a trap that they did not think they would fall into. Those who know their weaknesses will be more cautious. When they are tempted they will recognize it, turn away, and seek God's help.
13 No one is subjected to irresistible temptations. The same temptations that exist today have existed since the Fall. We know that temptations can be thwarted because there are examples of people all around who have resisted one temptation or another.

God knows our limitations. He does not want to see us fall into sin, and will not allow circumstances to "force" us into sin. The first part of our strategy when we are facing temptation is to remember that we can resist the temptation to sin. The second part of our strategy is to look for the way out of the tempting situation. Typically, this involves saying "no" and leaving. Other situations may require more elaborate (and maybe even painful) procedures, but we can rely on God's promise that there is a way of escape somewhere. Christians are no longer slaves to sin and we are not required to sin.